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NOVA finns nu på engelska

7 november,10:11 av Max Parknäs

NOVA – Tools and methods for norm-creative innovation, nominated in the design competition Design S under the category “Sustainable Society”, Sweden’s leading and broadest design award and design award Kolla!, is now available in an long sought English version for international distribution.

About NOVA – Tools and methods for Norm-creative Innovation

NOVA is developed by researchers and Sweden’s Innovation Agency VINNOVA and  provides concrete tools and hands-on methods for all who want to create norm-creative solutions – ie solutions that are inclusive, accessible and sustainable. Products, services often limit  users when they are created from a too narrow understanding of users’ real needs. One reason is that developers often lack knowledge of how norms and values influence the result of innovation and development. The NOVA material supports developers in both analyzing clients’ needs, and translate knowledge into innovative and value adding solutions.

An example of norm-creative innovation in practice is the Vinnova financed project Equal Waste Management, where a new type of public waste service is developed for bulky and hazardous waste – a service that does not discriminate   against people who does not own or have easy access to a car, or who for other reasons have difficulties transporting bulky and hazardous waste stations outside the city, for example elderly and functionally imparied. – There are many examples where awareness of discriminating norms can increase the innovation-potential and the chances that new solutions are created that works better for more people. However, when we initiated our program for norm-creative innovation, Vinnova noticed that there was a need for concrete methods and tools for generating this type of innovations. That is why we have focused on producing this material, says Sophia Ivarsson, program manager at Vinnova. The material is based on research where scientists facilitated norm-creative innovations processes in 10 different organizations. It consists of a deck of cards with guidelines and concrete examples and suggestions on methods and tactics for norm-creative innovation. The focus is on norms that discriminate, but NOVA is useful in any innovation processes.

After all, all real innovation is all about challenging norms! NOVA consists of a box with 52 method cards. The size of the box is 120 × 190 mm.

Order an english version of NOVA!

NOVA – Tools and methods for norm-creative innovation

Client: Vinnova
Author: Åsa Wikberg Nilsson, Karin Ehrnberger, Marcus Jahnke, Mariana Alves Silva Graphic design: Alexandra Falagara, Brita Lindvall Leitmann, Mariana Alves Silva, Wikberg Åsa Nilsson, Photographer: Patriez Van der Wens

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