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jul | 14:14

Nordics at TechCrunch Disrupt 2014?

Facebooks grundare Mark Zuckerberg på TechCrunch Disrupt 2013

Facebooks grundare Mark Zuckerberg på TechCrunch Disrupt 2013

Det finns nu chans för svenska startups att anmäla sitt intresse att delta i höstens TechCrunch Disrupt mm i San Francisco till rabatterade priser.

As a part of the Nordic House collaboration, we are now ready to start recruiting companies for this year’s Nordic TechCrunch Disrupt participation. The plan is to allow at least two startups from each of our countries.

TechCrunch Disrupt runs from September 8-10 and we will include Sunday before and the following Thursday in the program. The week will include the following content:

  • Invitation to exhibit one-day at Startup Alley at TechCrunch Disrupt in the ”Nordic Pavilion”
  • Full participation in TechCrunch Disrupt – perhaps the most anticipated San Francisco startup event of the year!
  • A one day special program for the Nordic startups including (Thursday) including:A Nordic Pitch event in San Francisco with especially invited entrepreneurs, potential partners and investors (Thursday)
  • Panels, feedback sessions and networking lunch with successful entrepreneurs, investors and other advisors.
  • Pitch training session with recognized Silicon Valley pitch coach (Saturday or Sunday)

The price for the week (excluding travel and accommodation) is USD 1800,- for 2 people (regular priced Startup Alley participation is USD 1995).

Interested? Send me (anne.lidgard@vinnova.se) an email with information about you and your Company.


jun | 09:23

Innovation House in Palo Alto goes Nordic!


The Volvo bus has arrived outside Innovation House in Palo Alto


Svenska Flaggans Dag sammanföll i år med den dagen som Svenska Ambassaden i Washington DC besökte Silicon Valley under deras ”Sweden on The Road”-turné. Första stoppet för dagen var på Innovation House i Palo där min namne Anne Worsoe (chef här för Innovasjon Norge) och jag själv tog emot och berättade om det nordiska samarbetsprojekt vi startar igång nu med medel från Nordiska Ministerrådets organ Norden. Senare fortsatte resan till Google, Ericsson och avslutningsvis Tesla.

Swedish Flag Day – the national holiday of Sweden – coincided through some fortuitous twist of fate with the day that the Swedish Embassy initiative Sweden on the Road kicked off its Silicon Valley tour and started the visits with a breakfast at Innovation House in Palo Alto, organized by VINNOVA Silicon Valley. For those not already familiar with this really awesome space that Innovation Norway inaugurated a little over a year ago, it is centrally located in downtown Palo Alto on 470 Ramona St, and hosts a number of desks, some meeting rooms, and a small common area. The Nordic companies that use the space see it a bit like a home away from home, before finding their bearings in the Bay Area or growing too large to stay.

Anne Worsoe, the Director of Innovation Norway in SF and Silicon Valley generously waved the Swedish Flag as the Swedish Ambassador Björn Lyrvall, together with his team on the bus and the other guests arrived. There truly was a festive atmosphere that morning and the Nordic spirit was boundless.

To mark the day and as a symbolic inauguration ot the Swedish participation in Innovation House, the ambassador handed over a government approved Swedish Flag to Anne and to myself, which no doubt will come to great use in the future.

In strengthening the collaboration between the Nordic countries, partly through a grant from The Nordic Council, Innovation House will become even more so a Nordic affair. Together, the Nordic bridge organizations present in Silicon Valley, i.e Innovation Norway, Innovation Center Denmark, FinPro, and VINNOVA (in collaboration with Business Sweden) will be able to serve the Nordic Startup community more efficiently and with even higher quality than when operating country by country.

It’s all about scale: to make an impact here in the Bay Area, we have everything to gain by pooling our resources and sharing our networks. And as the Finnish Honorary Consul Michel Wendell said during the conversation: ”They don’t really care here whether you are Swedish or Finnish or Danish, to them we are all the same. And we really need much greater support from back home in our own countries. We should have a common space at least twice the size of this!”

You have to start somewhere, however, and we are all very much looking forward to being good stewards in making this a successful start of something bigger to come.

Team work!


And then the tour continued to Google, Ericsson and to Tesla Motors.


At Googleplex


Martin Körling, Head of research, explains how the Internet of everything will affect future networks. Next to him Judy Little, VP Strategic Partnerships, who lately has become main contact for the collaboration with Facebook on Internet.org.


At the Fremont factory. Who would have thought that Silicon Valley would again have car manufacturers after Toyota shut down!



If you are a Nordic startup, you are welcome to rent a desk at Innovation House. Just contact me and I will put you in touch with the Community Manager. In the future, we will also try to reserve some desks in San Francisco in some of the more popular co-working spaces.

We are furthermore welcoming corporate sponsors as we see the benefit of this becoming a public-private partnership.

Photos are courtesy of Isak Bodin Alfredsson, the official photographer of Sweden on the Road.


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